About me

Vera Kuprik artist sketcher


At the age of 8 my mother enrolled me in art classes. My studies and passion for art have continued and have grown throughout my life! To this very day I continue to push myself to further my artistic skills.

In my creative career I have worked for international brands. For more than 7 years I have been the brand designer for the international marker manufacturer SKETCHMARKER | SKETCHBAR. I enjoy participating in exhibitions and jurying art events. As the creator of an online art school I share my passion for art with others by teaching them the skills I have learned and practiced throughout the years.

I am a contemporary artist who paints in several different styles because I love creating in its entirety! I take inspiration from the materials I am working with and enjoy experimenting with styles and themes; then practicing until I perfect that medium. In perusing my artwork, you will see both realistic works and naive illustrations. As well, you will find large, expressive, abstract canvases.

In this movement from theme to theme I enrich my work with individuality and liveliness, bringing the benefits of experience into each. I am not afraid of innovating. It is important to me that I infuse my work with positivity, harmony and a fresh new energy with each piece.

As an artist I strive to understand the effects of my art on the viewer. My desire is to discover my potential as a visual storyteller - to communicate with the viewer through my paintings and to bring each viewer a sense of wonderment and inspiration.

There are so many beautiful people, projects, places and ideas in our world - and there is a theme for each of us. Looking for a response in your heart through my art is something I will always strive for.

I painting and sketching over 20 years. I lived in Ukraine, Kyiv. Because of the war in Ukraine, I in 2022 year moved from Ukraine to United States and now resident state Washington.


For custom work, collaboration, wholesale, broadcasting rights, events, or anything else, please contact me.