Fashion sketches

Fashion sketch

Fashion sketches

To be indifferent to THE WORLD OF FASHION and aesthetics, if you are a visual person who enjoys beautiful surroundings, is simply impossible! All designers collections can be fashionably drawn in a way that will distinguish a brand from ordinary Fashion Illustrations without veering away from the designs being portrayed.

"I love painting shoes, lingerie and jewellery! Working with brands and private labels provides me with new experiences and leads me to create vibrant collections of drawings for customers to use in their company prints. My passion for drawing and fashion is what leads to a stylish and original image that truly represents the fashion designers work in a new way that customers will appreciate and enjoy!"

As an artist, painting and illustrating a Fashion Collection is a collaboration and a tribute to the designer which stems from a love of style! As Vera embarks on each new drawing she seeks inspiration from the designers collection and does not allow the trends in fashion to steer her away from appreciating what the designer has created. Rather she seeks inspiration from the 'timeless' world of fashion, together with a fashion designer’s vision and brings it to life through her drawings. When she creates each new drawing, her sketches are simply a new ‘read’ on a collection. It’s another way to appreciate what has already been created.

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