Happy Ducky Day

Happy Ducky Day

"This series of works with a duck, is for me. It is an outlet for my creativity!"

These cheerful and cute subjects created using oil pastel techniques can bring a smile to your face. The Happy Ducky Day illustrations stem from my belief that there is a child in every human being, who can laugh and goof off to bring joy into life; or one who is direct and sweet. Some days you need to see only good things in life and surround yourself with something that brings you happiness!

"These duckies came to me as an antidepressant in my creativity and I'm now ready to share my Happy Ducky Day recipe with everyone!" It is a project without boundaries or constraints. The endless adventures of these ducks in different parts of the world, or finding their way into famous paintings by classic artists – these are the joys and chuckles duck has provided! Yes! Why not?!! Any moment of the day is made better with the presence of a cute duck in it!

You can follow the funny ducks on the following instagram and TikTok accounts. 

Ducky instagram

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My cute ducklings can follow any products: bags, t-shirts, bed sheets, phone cases, paper, wallets. 
If you'd like to collaborate to have cute customized duckies to brighten your collections contact me. The ducklings will be thrilled to come to your rescue with their happy-go-lucky creative “upper”personalities 😊