Liquid art

Alcohol liquid art paintings

Abstract art is an intangible experience of thoughts and images!

There is a special pleasure in viewing abstract art – it allows you to think your own thoughts, to determine what you believe is being depicted, and it can easily transform your mood. There is typically a hint from the artist, expressed through composition and colour. Each of us turn our thoughts in our own direction when viewing these works. To create, to understand, to unravel the mystery – that is the intention of this style of painting.

Paintings that are conceptual invite the viewer to interpret the art individually. It allows one to become in tune with their thoughts. Abstraction is one of the few trends that complements and does not bore. It easily transforms based on its surroundings and embellishes the reality of each day.

"I share my feelings and thoughts in my fluid art through the love of colour and movement. When I immerse myself in the depths of shades entirely and switch off my consciousness the results of those thoughts magically come through. It provides a game for your imagination - what do you see? What feelings does it evoke in you? It can feel so freeing to not be attached to specific shapes!"

These abstract works are for sale - you can purchase either originals and/or prints.

Vera is also available to design and make a custom, bespoke Fluid Art canvas for your home, business or art space. 


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