Marker Art

"I'm in love with the versatility of markers!”

Markers are a modern artistic tool. They can be used to paint anything in a VERY diverse way! It's a tool that Vera believes has not yet gained mass art acceptance like watercolour or acrylics. She has her own recognizable signature style of marker work amongst marker artists that captures you. 

Vera has been sketching commissions for SKETCHMARKER, an international brand of alcohol ink markers for over 7 years, with her use of alcohol ink markers starting long before that. She has developed unique shades, and compiled professional kits for architectural, portraiture, and numerous other subject matter.

Vera's works decorate product packaging around the world. As a member of the international art jury in Kiev, Ukraine she analyzed and worked to award the winners of the children's art competition. She promoted the popularity of marker art to the masses and was one of the organizers of the sketch movement in Russia and the Ukraine between 2015-2021.

Markers stand between graphics and painting! The works created are saturated with colour. What a variety of textures you get with a limited palette!

"Markers have decorated my life. I am postive that my work can create a beautiful mood in your life by representing it through the use of various products such as cushions, covers, art prints, clothes, bags and so much more.