Animal portraits

Custom dog portrait high quality to order

"I love creating detailed drawings with alcohol markers of animals: dogs, cats,or pets of any species. My personalized portraits of your pet are drawn to convey and bring your memories to the surface.

It is an incredible gift and so very meaningful when shared with someone who loves their dog, cat, hedgehog, or… 😊.

I have a very special pet, a precious little Shih Tzu. She captured my heart.

In my drawings of dogs and other animals, I try to convey the individuality of each pet: the look, the pose, the special features - so that every glance at this special portrait adds warmth and love to your heart.

I don't just paint a work, I paint a memory, an emotion - I paint your family member which will be alive in your mind and heart forever. My love for animals, my admiration for their natural beauty, characteristics and aesthetics - I try to convey this in each special portrait I am honored to create."


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